We therefore decided to link the market and the youths through a safe platform KHOPA HUB that offers a learning space beyond what most
social media platforms offer.

We sought the best way possible to create value for them and make them valuable through three main areas:

  1. Training:
     Digital skills such as coding and in partnership with key players in the industry such as Google,
    Microsoft, safaricom, Huawei, Facebook, LinkedIn
     Entrepreneurship and innovations management; incubation program
     Job market relevant top skills
  2. Seminars
     Mentorship and career guidance
     Webinar on important topics in our objectives such as: mental health, climate change,
    entrepreneurship, Relationships
  3. Entrepreneurship and innovation incubation
  4. Corporate social responsibility programs
     Clean water and sanitation in public schools Modern toilets with hands washing and soap provided. We
    shall sensitize the pupils and their parents on importance of proper hands hygiene to deal a blow to
    water borne and hand hygiene related illnesses.
     Provision of sanitary pads to school girls for a whole 12 months per girl in public schools.

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